Craft: Bharat Babies Playhouse

Sandhya Simhan

You and your child have created multiple crafts with Bharat Babies and now we want you to be able to house them all in one place. Welcome to our Bharat Babies Playhouse!



Construction paper (7 or 8 pieces)


Glue or glue stick

Printed “Bharat Babies Playhouse” rooftop




Step 1

Take 2 pieces of construction paper and in a landscape orientation cut them in half.


Step 2

Take each of the 4 half-sheets and roll them up like a toilet paper roll, using tape to secure.

Take another 4 pieces of construction paper and roll them like a paper towel roll, using tape to secure.


Step 3

Grab a sheet of construction paper and glue the 4 half-sheet rolls onto its four corners on one side and glue the paper-towel rolls on the opposite side.


Step 4

Finally, print the “Bharat Babies Playhouse” rooftop (in landscape format at the link here) and glue it onto the 4 full-sheet rolls.

The playhouse is now open for fun. Your child can house all the crafts and Bharat Babies’ friends under this playhouse. Send us pictures of your child’s unique playhouse on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram at @BharatBabies. We look forward to seeing all of the beautiful creations!