Craft: Easter Bunny

Sandhya Simhan

Tags craft, freebie

Easter is here! A great way to spend time with your child during this holiday is to make food or crafts with them. The Easter bunny is a classic, secular symbol for Easter that brings with it light-hearted fun and sometimes paired with candy. Today, you and your little one will be making an Easter bunny to celebrate the Easter holiday.


1 Sheet of paper

1 Cotton ball

1 Popsicle stick

Pink crayon or pink marker

Black sharpie or black marker

Glue or double sided tape


Googly eyes (optional)



 Step 1

Take 1 sheet of paper and, in a landscape format, fold it in half. After the sheet of paper is folded, cut it on the fold.

 Step 2

Using one half of the sheet of paper, take the top right corner and bring it down to the left side until it makes a right triangle.

Take the rectangular piece at the bottom and fold it over the right triangle.

Cut off the extra piece of paper hanging off the triangle.

Step 3

Keeping the triangle in a right angle orientation, take the bottom right point of the triangle to the top-left point of the triangle and press on the fold.  Glue down the 2 flaps.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3

Step 5

Now place the triangle in the position where there is one point of the triangle pointing up, one pointing to the right, and one pointing to the left.

Step 6

Draw 2 oval shapes for the eyes or glue two googly eyes near the top of the triangle

Step 7

Draw the nose and add whiskers. Color the nose pink. Use a black marker or sharpie to draw the whiskers.

Step 8

Take the other half a sheet of paper and fold in a letter format (top to bottom).

Draw bunny ears and cut it out. Two bunny ears should automatically be cut out.


Glue the bunny ears to the top back of the bunny. Hold the bunny ears down to make sure it stays in place.

Step 9

Turn the bunny over and glue on the cotton ball for its tail.

Step 10

Glue the popsicle stick to the inside of the one side with the opening. Hold the popsicle down to make sure it sticks.


The Easter bunny is complete! Give it a name and share a story with your child, but remember that the best part was that they got to make it with you! Happy Easter from Bharat Babies!